What do you think being a Young carer is?

Hi everyone welcome to my blog I’m Leah O’Shaughnessy and today I want to tell people what it is like to be a young carer.I have been a young carer now for 8 years and to me I think it is just a normal part of my everyday life.Firstly I want to say that I was on BBC Breakfast news and BBC 5 Live Radio on the 27th December 2016 which was an amazing experience for me and my dad.I got to give a voice for all young carers across Britian and also all over the world who look after a family member.I look after my mum who suffers from mental health problems and is visually impaired.Young carers look after someone close to them like their mum,dad,nan,grandad,uncle etc who have disabilities,due to illnesses and possibly substance missuse.

People typically think a young carer is someone who looks after someone,but being a young carer this so much more then looking after someone.Being a young carer can have some sacrafices such as sometimes you cant go out with your friends as you are busy or you have to do a lot more chores.To me this is all completely normal.As I’m a young carer I look after my mum and this is just some of the things I do:Cleaning-Kitchen,Living Room,Bathroom.Shopping,looking after children and also giving my mum medication.

Me and my dad look after my mum so when I’m in school my dad will look after my mum and do the bits that need doing like shopping,cleaning up and taking the children to school.When my dad is working I help with my mum by looking after the children,helping make tea,and just cleaning up when that is needed.When my mum needs her medication I will then give it to her.To me this is all normal.People ask me when do I do homework/Revision as I’m quite busy?My response to people is when all children are in bed and my mum is watching Tv or on her laptop so that is about 7:30pm but when I have spare time I always commit it towards my homework and revision as I’m sitting my GCSES this may and june.

Things Young Carers do for people like me and others all across the country is:Advocacy,Residential trips(For breaks away from caring),Trips out for the day like going to the cinema or going to see a show,monthly drop ins,opportunites for young carers to meet with others.You can also message or call the young carers leader when your feeling down or just have general enquires.I always love talking with other young carers as we are all doing the same jobs by looking after someone.

To me  if young carers wasn’t there I don’t think I would have the support I have today.It makes my life easier knowing if I’m struggling I can always turn to one of the young carers leaders who are always there for you and help you as much as you can.I think young carers deserve a medal for all the hard work they do.They are such a bunch of amazing caring people.Also National Young carers day is 27th January 2017.

Finally I want to end my blog with thank you so much for reading and if you want any more information on young carers I have links below which can help you thank you 🙂







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