Lets Review Zoella’s Products


Hey guys, its Leah.How are you all? I hope your all enjoying your Summer break 🙂

Today I really want to review Zoella’s Collection.As a frequent viewer of Zoella I absolutely love her collection and ofcourse her YouTube Vlogs.She even has a Zoella Collection.

Here we go with her collection:

Zoella Fresh Fizz bar-This releases such a fresh and refreshing smell,ofcourse making your bath smell splendid and pretty.

Zoella Wonder Hand lotion-This is amazing to use.If your like me who hates hand lotion that is greasy and doesn’t really absorb into your skin… then look no further Zoellas hand lotion is great.Not only does it make your skin super soft but it doesn’t leave your hands greasy either.

Zoella Candy cream body lotion-With its tiny little pink beads that absorb straight into the skin,this makes you smell amazing; ofcourse makes your skin radient!

Zoella Lets spritz perfume-Releases the incredible scent of tutti-fruity.This scent makes you feel very fresh and revived.”Lets Spritz” makes you feel as though your in Summer and is a perfect scent for when you head to the beach this summer.

Zoella Soak Opera bath wash-In its bright eye catching bottle,”Soak Opera” keeps your skin healthy;Enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter extracts to soften and condition the skin

Zoella has many more products which you can buy she even sells:Books (which you can read the review on my blog about books),bags and more bath and beauty products) here is the link so you can view much more of her products,and her new range.


I would also love to give a special mention to “Fun Cases” home of the YouTube phone cases and many more fun cases.When you go onto there site you get 10% of your first order which is amazing and you even get FREE DELIVERY! What more could you want?

The cases the company produce are eye catching and very unique.Fun Cases have posters,pencil cases, and so much fun and cute designs.If you are thinking about purchasing or even having a look on the website then you should. Here is the link below please take a look.


Thank you all for reading my blog today,there will be a new blog coming very soon have a fun and relaxing Summer before heading back to school or college 🙂

Leah 🙂


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