Phone Case Review


Hey Guys,Welcome to another blog.I haven’t really been up to much lately but I hope you all have been having fun.So if your a student over here in the Uk we know its officially the countdown to GCSE results day? I wish you all the best.

So recently I have been in touch with a company called Fun Cases and if you don’t know who they are they are basically a company who sell phones cases.The phone cases are amazing they have your favourite Youtubers, Tv shows, Disney, Riverdale  etc.Go check them out. 🙂

Here is the link for their amazing website right here

So as you can see the image above is the case I ordered from Funcases,they have amazing designs.I chose the “YouTube and Chill ” one.When the phone case arrived today I wasn’t disappointed at all.It has amazing design and is very original.The case is very light weight and has a very smooth polished look.This case suits my personality as well with its unique design and perfect quote.I would highly recommend you go and check Fun cases out;i will also link the page were the case I ordered is so you guys can all have a look.

I really hope your all well and please take a look on the Funcases website even if your not buying anything I guarantee you will find something you really like.They don’t just sell phone cases,they sell IPAD cases,Posters etc please take a look.Plus on your first order you get 10% of your first order and FREE delivery.

Thanks for reading everyone and have a fun summer before going back to school or college or University 🙂

Leah x


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