August Favourites….




Hey guys welcome to another blog 🙂 So todays blog is a bit of a different type as I’m going to be doing just a few of my “August” favourites. So whether you have seen or done of the personal favourites of mine I hope it gives you inspiration.As we all know its coming to the final weeks of summer and were all getting back into routines for back to school and college and even university.So here is my August favourites….

So one of my all time favourites for august even though I started watching this just before august is Glee.If you love singing or dancing Glee is the perfect programme for you.The reason Glee is in my August favourites is because I have watched more episodes in August then June or July due to my Exams so I kinda had to sacrifice  it haha  but so far I’m on S5 EP 12 “100TH EPISODE SPECIAL”.If you haven’t you need to watch Glee its amazing.

YouTube has also been involved in my August favourites because I have watched some amazing youtube channels which I would recommend.1st is Brooklyn and Bailey.Brooklyn and Bailey are twin sisters who do videos on Beauty,Hauls,Morning/Evening Routines,challenges,Q and A’S and many more.There channel is listed below if you want to check it out :

Another YouTube channel I have also enjoyed this August is the Ingham Family.They are a Family from the UK and have 3 daughters;Emse,Isla and Isabelle.They upload every night at 6:00pm “BST”.They are an amazing family and do some great things check there channel out here:

Another favourite of mine this August is the Netlfix film called “To the Bone”.This film is about a girl who suffers from Anorexia and she meets other people in the house that she gets put into to get better.This is an amazing film which I would highly recommend.The girl is called Ellen and she shows her struggles etc please watch if you haven’t already. I will insert the trailer so you can check it out.

Thank you all so much for reading my blog today and hope it gives you some ideas that you can watch thank you

Leah X





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