Airport hacks every girl should know





Hey everyone welcome to another one of my blogs.Todays blog is Airport hacks for everyone who is visiting the airport to go on holiday.I thought this would be a great idea because some people will be going on their last holiday for the Summer season before the autumn season rolls in. I hope these hacks help you and have a safe journey if your going on holiday.

1-Set your flight information as your home screen on your mobile phone or IPAD.

2-If you have parked at the airport always remember where you have parked for when you come home.After your amazing trip away you may forget where you have parked so why not take a photo and keep it in your camera roll so you know where you have parked.

3-Always arrive approx. 2-3 hrs before your flight so you can get checked in and go through security (ALL THE BORING PARTS) then while you wait why not go and get a bite to eat?

4-So know one mistakes your case for theres always have a bright colourful one which you can identify as many people have very similar cases to each other.You can also make your luggage tag stand out too by tying something colourful or full of patterns so you know its your case.

5-Carry an empty water bottle in your hand luggage so when you get through security you can go and fill it up at the water refill or you can just buy one from the shop.

So whether you are going on a trip abroad to enjoy the final days of summer or your needing some hacks for your next journey abroad these tips will be sure to help you 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog

Leah X


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