Things to do this Autumn..


Hi all,welcome to another blog I hope your all doing well. I start College tomorrow which I’m really nervous about :(.But as it is now September we can now talk about Autumn. I’m going to be doing a few blogs this autumn including some Halloween ones 🙂

Out of all the seasons Autumn is my favourite season of all.I really love the colour change and how the air begins to cool down ready for the winter.It is now really that time of the year where you can un wind and relax with a hot chocolate or a Pumpkin spice Latte and watch your favourite autumnal films.So here are some ideas for you to do this autumn.

1- Go apple picking

2-Go for a hike in your local countryside or forests

3-Collect colourful leaves

4-Rent a cabin in the mountains if you have mountains near by

5-Take a drive in the country side

6-Go to Starbucks and try a Pumpkin spice Latte

7-Make rice krispie treats

8-Watch seasonal films

9-Jump in a pile of leaves

10-Bake a apple or pumpkin pie

11-Try a candy apple

12-Breathe in the crisp air

13-Take photos of your favourite autumn destinations

14-Listen to the sound of leaves crunching under your feet

15-Do a jumper haul

16-Give your bedroom an autumn makeover

17-Go Pumpkin picking

18-Carve your own pumpkin

19-Host a thanks giving dinner

20-Be thankful for what you have

I hope you all have enjoyed this autumn blog and as I said above I will be doing more autumn blogs and even some Halloween idea blogs.Also if your in need of some inspiration this autumn I have the perfect app for you all to try….

“WE HEART IT” If your not already signed up for this site sign up now it is amazing.It is just like Pinterest but in my opinion its better if you love photography or just want to have a look its amazing. Here is the link:

My personal We heart it is Leahjade00 which you can follow me and I will follow back 🙂

Bye for now everyone I hope you enjoyed it

Leah X


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