August Favourites….




Hey guys welcome to another blog 🙂 So todays blog is a bit of a different type as I’m going to be doing just a few of my “August” favourites. So whether you have seen or done of the personal favourites of mine I hope it gives you inspiration.As we all know its coming to the final weeks of summer and were all getting back into routines for back to school and college and even university.So here is my August favourites….

So one of my all time favourites for august even though I started watching this just before august is Glee.If you love singing or dancing Glee is the perfect programme for you.The reason Glee is in my August favourites is because I have watched more episodes in August then June or July due to my Exams so I kinda had to sacrifice  it haha  but so far I’m on S5 EP 12 “100TH EPISODE SPECIAL”.If you haven’t you need to watch Glee its amazing.

YouTube has also been involved in my August favourites because I have watched some amazing youtube channels which I would recommend.1st is Brooklyn and Bailey.Brooklyn and Bailey are twin sisters who do videos on Beauty,Hauls,Morning/Evening Routines,challenges,Q and A’S and many more.There channel is listed below if you want to check it out :

Another YouTube channel I have also enjoyed this August is the Ingham Family.They are a Family from the UK and have 3 daughters;Emse,Isla and Isabelle.They upload every night at 6:00pm “BST”.They are an amazing family and do some great things check there channel out here:

Another favourite of mine this August is the Netlfix film called “To the Bone”.This film is about a girl who suffers from Anorexia and she meets other people in the house that she gets put into to get better.This is an amazing film which I would highly recommend.The girl is called Ellen and she shows her struggles etc please watch if you haven’t already. I will insert the trailer so you can check it out.

Thank you all so much for reading my blog today and hope it gives you some ideas that you can watch thank you

Leah X





Phone Case Review


Hey Guys,Welcome to another blog.I haven’t really been up to much lately but I hope you all have been having fun.So if your a student over here in the Uk we know its officially the countdown to GCSE results day? I wish you all the best.

So recently I have been in touch with a company called Fun Cases and if you don’t know who they are they are basically a company who sell phones cases.The phone cases are amazing they have your favourite Youtubers, Tv shows, Disney, Riverdale  etc.Go check them out. 🙂

Here is the link for their amazing website right here

So as you can see the image above is the case I ordered from Funcases,they have amazing designs.I chose the “YouTube and Chill ” one.When the phone case arrived today I wasn’t disappointed at all.It has amazing design and is very original.The case is very light weight and has a very smooth polished look.This case suits my personality as well with its unique design and perfect quote.I would highly recommend you go and check Fun cases out;i will also link the page were the case I ordered is so you guys can all have a look.

I really hope your all well and please take a look on the Funcases website even if your not buying anything I guarantee you will find something you really like.They don’t just sell phone cases,they sell IPAD cases,Posters etc please take a look.Plus on your first order you get 10% of your first order and FREE delivery.

Thanks for reading everyone and have a fun summer before going back to school or college or University 🙂

Leah x

Lets Review Zoella’s Products


Hey guys, its Leah.How are you all? I hope your all enjoying your Summer break 🙂

Today I really want to review Zoella’s Collection.As a frequent viewer of Zoella I absolutely love her collection and ofcourse her YouTube Vlogs.She even has a Zoella Collection.

Here we go with her collection:

Zoella Fresh Fizz bar-This releases such a fresh and refreshing smell,ofcourse making your bath smell splendid and pretty.

Zoella Wonder Hand lotion-This is amazing to use.If your like me who hates hand lotion that is greasy and doesn’t really absorb into your skin… then look no further Zoellas hand lotion is great.Not only does it make your skin super soft but it doesn’t leave your hands greasy either.

Zoella Candy cream body lotion-With its tiny little pink beads that absorb straight into the skin,this makes you smell amazing; ofcourse makes your skin radient!

Zoella Lets spritz perfume-Releases the incredible scent of tutti-fruity.This scent makes you feel very fresh and revived.”Lets Spritz” makes you feel as though your in Summer and is a perfect scent for when you head to the beach this summer.

Zoella Soak Opera bath wash-In its bright eye catching bottle,”Soak Opera” keeps your skin healthy;Enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter extracts to soften and condition the skin

Zoella has many more products which you can buy she even sells:Books (which you can read the review on my blog about books),bags and more bath and beauty products) here is the link so you can view much more of her products,and her new range.

I would also love to give a special mention to “Fun Cases” home of the YouTube phone cases and many more fun cases.When you go onto there site you get 10% of your first order which is amazing and you even get FREE DELIVERY! What more could you want?

The cases the company produce are eye catching and very unique.Fun Cases have posters,pencil cases, and so much fun and cute designs.If you are thinking about purchasing or even having a look on the website then you should. Here is the link below please take a look.

Thank you all for reading my blog today,there will be a new blog coming very soon have a fun and relaxing Summer before heading back to school or college 🙂

Leah 🙂

Relax and unwind…


Hey guys welcome to another blog so tonights blog is about relaxing.So below I’m going to give some ideas on how to relax or just some ways for you and your friends to enjoy a pamper night.

Buy a Lush bath bomb and pick one that will help you relax,unwind and de-stress

Buy a book and put lots of bubbles into your bath

Light some candles and pick your favourite smell such as one that suits your mood-Yankee Candles

Chill and watch your favourite Netflix programmes

Enjoy your self by having a face mask you could try the Montagnee Juenusse range –      I have listed the link below

do your nails

and forget about your worries

hope this helps and remember stress is not great for the body


Lots of Love Leah 🙂

Pen pals 🎀

 Hey guys it’s Leah and today I’m writing another blog one about penpals ❤️ Pen pals is something I have always had but they only seem like short term ones however if you keep in contact with them they become extremely close.The pictures above are of me and my pen pal Laure. The 1st image is when we first met where as the 2nd image is when we have met recently. 

Having a pen pal is great for many reasons:

You have a long term best friend 

They are always there for you no matter what

You can learn about each other’s cultures 

Looks great on your CV

Allows you to connect with one another

You get to send letters and gifts to each other 

You can even go and meet them but remember parents should know this 

Me and laure have been pen pals for 3 years now and since then we have met a few times such as Meetingr in Brighton which was great and Blackpool.Our parents met each other aswell. for me a pen pal has enabled me to gain so much confidence and inspiration and if your reading this laure your an inspiration to me. You will always be my best friend and hope to see each other soon! 

Please comment below any ideas or questions you may have on the topic thank you for reading ❤️❤️

Schools out :)


Hey guys I’m so sorry about not posting a new blog for quite a while but I have been sitting my GCSES which are exams you sit at the end of high school here in the UK.So I haven’t really had any time due to revision and extra classes I have done.. but hey here is a new blog for you all to read so enjoy 🙂

So this blog is about ideas for Summer you could possibly do while you have time of school here are my ideas below:

Buy a tent and lots of food and put some blankets and cushions and little fairy lights in and some great summer music everyone loves and get all your friends round and enjoy a night in the garden practically under the stars.

Hold a garden party such as lots of food and music and everyone gets together and enjoy the summer weather.

Go on a extremely long road trip and enjoy all the sights you pass by.

Catch up on all the Netflix epsiodes you have missed of your favourite series such as 13 Reasons why or PLL

Go shopping

Go swimming

Read a  book and sunbathe *REMEMBER SUN CREAM*

Catch up on all the sleep you have missed for the past year


I hope you all have  enjoyed todays blog and comment below if you have any other ideas I could add I will be writing another blog shortly love you all 🙂

Careers and aspirations

Hi all its Leah,welcome to my blog if you are new and I hope you enjoy my blog posts.Today I want to talk about Careers and Aspirations.Firstly ask your self what is it you want to do in your life? Whether that being a job,aspiring to do something 🙂

So in my life I want to be a childrens nurse then progress onto a consultant,who specialises in Orthopeadics.*google orthopaedics if you don’t know what I mean.You may want to become a make up artist,a singer,a rapper,a baker or even many more endless ideas.

I want to get a lot out of life such as travel,earn my dream career,have a family,get married and much more.What about you?

Don’t let anyone say you cant do something such as if you fail a test that doesn’t mean you cant do what you want,it just means push yourself even hearder next time and that means taking risks and not worrying about what others may think,its YOUR LIFE!!!

You never know you could be someone who changes the world for good and ends world poverty and promotes world peace that could be you reading this.


I know this was such a quick blog but I hope you enjoyed it thank you for reading 🙂


How to get motivated

Hi all Leah here I haven’t made any recent blogs lately due to having tons of school work so why I have a chance from revision and school work I thought I would write a blog.Todays blog is all about how to get motivated.

*Stay Active.Even if you are not the type of active person just get a brush and dance your way around the room your still being active 🙂

*Get more sleep.We all love having them long lie ins on a weekend so when you have had a hard stressful week why not get some more sleep on the weekend and relax.

*Have a goal in mind.Whether that being running an extra mile in todays run or if you have any injuries thinking about how today your life will change.

*Be positive

*Prepare the night before.So if you have some time why not prepare what you need for the night before it will make your life so much easier:)

So I hope some of these tips will help you become much more motivated

thank you for reading remember your an amazing person 🙂 blog



Bucket list ideas

Hi all welcome to another one of my blogs.So this blog is going to be giving you all some ideas if you have made a bucket list.So here we go….

Travel all round the world

See the Northern Lights

Meet your favourite celebrity

Write a diary

Go on a hayride

play a newsport

Become healthy

Speak more then 3 languages

Meet your favourite Youtuber

Watch a full series on Netflix within a week

Do some charity work

Be front row at your favourite concert

Do your dream job

Conquer your fears

Swim with Dolphins

Visit every Disney Park in the world

Go on a road trip with no specifc  destination

Hope these bucket list ideas help you comment down below if you have done any of these ❤ my-bucket-list.jpg

Book Reviews

Hi all I’m so sorry I haven’t really been as active on here I have been so busy with school work and finally have sometime tonight to write a blog 🙂 So todays blog is about Books I have read and will recommend for all of you out there.

First book is a sequel actually.It is Girl Online,1,2 and 3.The Girl Online sequel actually inspired me to get a blog up and running and they where created by YouTuber  Zoella.She writes about a girl called Penny who doesn’t really have much look and is always dealing with other peoples problems until she takes a trip into America and something magical happens.I cant really say much with out giving the whole thing away so if you haven’t read Girl Online read it now it is amazing and I woulf totally recommend to every Zoella fan out there 🙂

Second Book is called Hana’s Suitcase.Hana’s suitcase is based on a true story from World War 2.It was about a life of a young german girl who is a jew during Nazi Germany.It tells you about her journey to  Auschwitz.It kinda splits into 2 different parts aswell as a woman is so interested in Hanas story actually researches and finally gets to meet Hanas brother George.This has always been one of my favourite books as it tells the life of a young girl and she dealt with problems in Germany at the time.*This book will require for you to have tissues*Please read it if your interested 🙂

Lastly the last book I will recommend is The Outsiders.This was an amazing book which I have read so many times,its about “Greasers” and “Socs”,it shows you how much you really need your friends and always be there for your friends.It is such a powerful book and there is also a film adaptation for this book too.I would highly recommend you read this book as I guarantee you will want to read it again.


All these books are available on Ebay and Amazon and are really cheap too.You could even download them to your Kindle.Thank you all so much for reading this blog and sorry that it is quite short but please if you can read at least one of these books 🙂 Feel free to leave comments below but only positive ones I will also link the official websites for each book down below

Thank you 🙂

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